Coming to you in spring 2022

Knights of Cathena


Fight other players and defeat your opponent's army on a chess-like battlefield in a turn-based strategy game.

Collect rewards for every match played and grow your collection of NFT items to improve your army's abilities.


Player Ownership

Every item in the game is a unique blockchain NFT. Once collected the item belongs to the player, not just in-game but in the real world as well.

Merge items

Equip items from your collection to improve the abilities of your army. Or merge several items of the same kind into one much more precious and powerful one. It's your decision to make!


Add new NFT items to your collection by purchasing them from the marketplace. Or sell your collection for real-world profit. In the in-game marketplace the players can easily trade their treasures.

This means you can not only play for free but instead Play2Earn.


Join a House

Join a house to secure extra in-game advantages. Reaching from increased rewards to improved abilities on the battlefield.

Recruit your Followers

Owning a noble house comes with several incentives. Not only will you get extra rewards from your house members, but you can fully control how your noble house will be expanded by adding specific perks. Higher rewards or more strength for your army? You decide!


Act swiftly! The lands of Cathena are unguarded, crown yourself the king for all eternity before someone else claims the throne.

Collect rewards for every match played by the whole player base and each NFT item sold on the marketplace.


Join the Community

Become part of the kingdom, chat with other community members and stay in the loop for further events, news, development updates, and announcements.